Customize Your Doodles with Doodles 2: No Fees, Unlimited Possibilities!

• Doodles has released its new NFT collection Doodles 2
• Doodles 2 is a series of collectibles that allows holders to customize their Doodle with wearables
• The NFT collection is launching on Flow, an eco-friendly Web3 blockchain

Doodles has just released its highly anticipated drop, a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection, Doodles 2. This collection of digital collectibles is an offshoot of the core Doodles collection, one of the top NFT collections from last year featuring 10,000 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Doodles 2 allows holders to customize their Doodle with wearables, including apparels, accessories and gadgets. This feature allows for access across social platforms, live events and gaming worlds. The team chose Flow for its scalability, composability, security and no gas fees. This makes Doodles 2 portable and interoperable across multiple ecosystems, including computer, phone and social media.

The team behind Doodles 2 is already working on several projects to make it easier for users to find, create and interact with the NFTs. They are also looking for ways to integrate with other blockchain protocols and platforms.

Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, said: “As we open Doodles up to the world, we know we can rely on an architecture that was built to scale from day one. Flow offers an easy onboarding experience, no gas fees and a composable architecture that allows us to build great experiences. We are excited to let everyone experience the world of Doodles 2.”

Users can start minting their first wearables and create Doodles 2 NFTs on Flow as from 31 January. The team also plans to continue developing and refining the platform to make it more user friendly and accessible to everyone.

Doodles 2 is set to revolutionise the NFT world and make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone. With the launch of Doodles 2, users can now create and trade their own unique NFTs with no fees. They can also explore the world of Doodles in an entirely new way with their own customised Doodles.

6 Cryptocurrencies to Buy for a Solid Long-Term Crypto Investment in 2023

• Metacade (MCADE) is the ideal cryptocurrency to buy for a long-term crypto investment strategy in 2023
• Ethereum (ETH), ApeCoin (APE), Ripple (XRP), Polygon (MATIC) and Bitcoin (BTC) are also great cryptocurrencies to buy for a solid long-term crypto investment strategy in 2023
• Metacade (MCADE) provides gamers, developers and entrepreneurs with a Web3 gaming hub to connect, communicate and interact for mutual benefit and possible financial gain

The crypto markets have seen a lot of volatility and upheaval in the past year. Market dynamics and investment strategies have been impacted by major events, and investors are now more inclined to take a longer-term approach to their investments. With this in mind, here are the 6 best cryptocurrencies to buy for a solid long-term crypto investment strategy in 2023.

Metacade (MCADE) is one of the most exciting prospects for 2023. The play-to-earn (P2E), GameFi, and blockchain gaming sectors are all widely tipped for explosive growth this year and beyond. Metacade will become the ultimate Web3 gaming hub, allowing gamers, developers and entrepreneurs to connect, communicate and interact with one another for mutual benefit and potential financial gain. Players will have the chance to generate income from P2E games, online competitions, creating content, alpha and beta testing, and new job opportunities. Developers can collaborate with gamers to test and develop products, launch new games, organize paid competitions and more.

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the most established and widely used cryptocurrencies available. It is the world’s leading smart contract platform and provides developers with a secure and reliable platform to build, launch and scale blockchain applications. Ethereum also allows users to benefit from DeFi (decentralized finance) products, such as yield farming and staking.

ApeCoin (APE) is another great cryptocurrency to buy for a long-term investment strategy. It is a highly secure, private and open-source cryptocurrency designed to provide users with complete control over their funds. ApeCoin provides users with a fast and cost-effective way to send and receive funds, and to pay for goods and services.

Ripple (XRP) is a popular choice for investors due to its fast transaction speeds and low transaction fees. It is a global payments solution that enables financial institutions and payment providers to send money across borders quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

Polygon (MATIC) is another great choice for investors. It is a scaling solution for Ethereum that provides users with faster transaction speeds and lower transaction fees. Polygon also provides developers with a platform to build and launch decentralized applications (DApps).

Finally, Bitcoin (BTC) is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It is an open-source and decentralized digital currency that enables users to send, receive and store funds. It is also highly secure, and its network is backed by blockchain technology.

These 6 cryptocurrencies are all excellent choices for a solid long-term crypto investment strategy in 2023. Metacade (MCADE) is the standout choice, providing gamers, developers and entrepreneurs with a Web3 gaming hub to connect, communicate and interact for mutual benefit and possible financial gain. Ethereum (ETH), ApeCoin (APE), Ripple (XRP), Polygon (MATIC) and Bitcoin (BTC) are also great options, offering users fast transactions, low fees and the chance to benefit from DeFi products. Investing in any of these 6 cryptocurrencies is sure to be a worthwhile venture.

Has Profit Builder appeared on television?

We have found articles online that suggest that Profit Builder is affiliated with celebrities and TV shows, which is a marketing tactic used by some trading sites. Let’s see if this is true.

Profit Builder and the media

First, we investigated the claims of TV show support for Profit Builder.

Dragon’s Den
Profit Builder Opinion: is it reliable? We did read on the Internet that Profit Builder is involved in the TV show Dragon’s Den.

After careful analysis, we have found that this is a false rumour. Moreover, it has not yet been confirmed by the presenters of this show that there is an association between Dragon’s Den and Profit Builder.

Shark Tank
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? There is another report that the TV show Shark Tank has been affiliated with Profit Builder. But this has not been confirmed by the show’s production team.

This Morning
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? The name Profit Builder has, according to false rumours, appeared on the famous British TV show This Morning. But the stars of this TV show do not admit to being associated with such a project.

Profit Builder and celebrities

Here are the results of our investigation into the link between Profit Builder and celebrities.

Bill Gates
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? Bill Gates‘ talk of a cryptocurrency boom has been misrepresented by scammers who say he endorsed the automated trading bot as Profit Builder.

There is no evidence that Bill Gates and Profit Builder are associated, and that goes for all trading software for that matter.

Sir Richard Branson
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? It seems that Sir Richard Branson’s image has been endorsed to Profit Builder. There are even false rumours that he was „impressed“ by the investment opportunities of Bitcoin.

Once again, we have found that the association between Richard Branson and Profit Builder is simply a rumour without foundation. He is not even remotely a partner in this software.

Chamath Palihapitiya
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? This man is certainly a well-known and respected trader in the crypto market with Bitcoin holdings, but he has never endorsed Profit Builder as an automated trading robot as some rumors may have suggested. Chamath Palihapitiya and Profit Builder did not create a legitimate partnership.

Profit Builder: the verdict!

Since the opening of the cryptocurrency market, many people are looking for ways to make money. Profit Builder was designed to capitalize on this demand. One thing that stands out is that the trading software is appreciated by a large number of investors.

In fact, the crypto asset trading platform is functional and works with regulated brokers. The crypto software offers interesting features to all its users. This is why we recommend Profit Builder.

However, we suggest that you invest at your own risk with this system. Invest the minimum amount of €250 to protect your capital.

Wie kann ich einen O2 DSL-Vertrag kündigen?

Ich wohne jetzt seit etwas mehr als 4 Jahren in Berlin und habe die ganze Zeit über einen Mobilfunk- und DSL-Vertrag bei O2 abgeschlossen. Da ich jetzt umziehen werde und dort eine Zeit lang kein Festnetz-Internet benötige, möchte ich meinen DSL-Vertrag kündigen. Meinen Mobilfunkvertrag bei O2 möchte ich aber weiterhin behalten.

Meine Frage ist, wie kann ich den DSL-Vertrag kündigen?

Wenn ein Vertrag nicht rechtzeitig gekündigt wurde, verlängert er sich automatisch um weitere 12 Monate und kann erneut gekündigt werden, wie in meinem Beitrag oben erläutert.

Sie sollten so schnell wie möglich einen Brief schreiben oder ein FAX senden an:

Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG .
Überseering 33
22297 Hamburg

Telefon: 01805880088

Ich empfehle dir, deine Kündigung so zu versenden, dass du nachweisen kannst, dass sie bei o2 angekommen ist 😉 .

Aber es ist nicht möglich, einen Vertrag durch einen Beitrag in diesem Forum oder über die Hotline zu kündigen. Der reguläre und offizielle (und im Übrigen beste) Weg zur Kündigung ist ein Brief oder ein FAX.

Der Vertrag wurde leider automatisch verlängert

Ihre Antwort ist in der Tat richtig. Nachdem ich 30 Minuten in der Hotline gewartet hatte, gelang es mir, mit einem Vertreter zu sprechen, der ziemlich unfreundlich und herablassend war und mir sagte, dass ich gezwungen sei, den O2-Vertrag mitzunehmen, weil er gerade diesen Monat verlängert worden sei.

Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass er verlängert wurde, ich nahm an, dass man nach 24 Monaten jederzeit kündigen kann, aber da lag ich falsch. Ich bin jetzt bei 49 Monaten, und das bedeutet, dass ich den Vertrag noch 12 Monate weiterführen muss.

Ich habe auch einen O2-Mobilfunkvertrag und war bis jetzt ein treuer Kunde, aber die Art und Weise, wie die Person mit meiner Frau gesprochen hat (ich spreche leider nicht so gut Deutsch) und die Art und Weise, wie man einem treuen Kunden nicht helfen kann, hat mich wirklich traurig gemacht.

Ich weiß, dass es keinen Unterschied macht, aber ich werde sowohl meine Handyverträge als auch diesen Festnetzvertrag aus Protest per Brief kündigen. Ich hatte wirklich gehofft, dass es irgendeine Art von Flexibilität für treue Kunden geben würde, aber nicht nur, dass es keine gab, sondern der Vertreter war sarkastisch, als ich fragte. Alles in allem eine schreckliche Erfahrung in einer bisher ereignislosen DSL-Nutzung.

Galaxy S7 und Galaxy S7 edge Tipp: Wie man Apps auf die SD-Karte verschiebt

Eine der wichtigsten Funktionen von Android 6.0 Marshmallow ist der anpassbare Speicher, der eine microSD-Karte so formatiert und verschlüsselt, dass sie als Teil des internen Speichers funktioniert. Im Grunde genommen können Sie damit den internen Speicher vergrößern, und der größte Nutzen dieser Funktion besteht darin, mehr Platz für die Installation von Apps zu haben, was unter Android nur auf dem internen Speicher möglich ist. Leider hat Samsung den anpassbaren Speicher nicht auf dem Galaxy S7 und Galaxy S7 edge implementiert (oder auf Marshmallow für andere Geräte), aber es bietet weiterhin die Option, Apps auf den externen Speicher zu verschieben.

Wie Sie Apps auf die SD-Karte verschieben

Dies ist die gleiche Option, die es auf Samsung-Geräten schon lange gibt, aber die Art und Weise, wie Sie Apps auf die SD-Karte verschieben, ist bei Marshmallow (und dem Galaxy S7 und Galaxy S7 edge) etwas anders. Wie Sie das machen? Nun, befolgen Sie einfach die folgenden Schritte. Denken Sie daran, dass es von den einzelnen Apps abhängt, ob sie das Verschieben auf den externen Speicher unterstützen, daher können die folgenden Schritte nur auf Apps angewendet werden, die diese Option aktivieren.

Schritt 1: Gehen Sie zu den Einstellungen Ihres Telefons und tippen Sie auf die Option Anwendungen. Wählen Sie auf dem nächsten Bildschirm die Option Anwendungsmanager, um eine Liste aller installierten Apps anzuzeigen.

Schritt 2: Suchen Sie dann die App, die Sie auf die SD-Karte verschieben möchten, und klicken Sie auf ihren Namen in der Liste.

Schritt 3: Tippen Sie hier unterhalb der Schaltfläche Deinstallieren auf die Option Speicher.

Schritt 4: Wenn Ihre App das Verschieben auf die SD-Karte unterstützt, sollten Sie eine Schaltfläche ÄNDERN auf dem Bildschirm sehen, die sich öffnet, nachdem Sie im obigen Schritt die Option Speicher ausgewählt haben.

Schritt 5: Tippen Sie auf die Schaltfläche ÄNDERN und wählen Sie dann SD-Karte. Daraufhin wird das Exportmenü angezeigt, in dem Sie unten auf die Schaltfläche VERKEHREN tippen können, um die App auf die SD-Karte zu verschieben.

Android unterstützt das vollständige Verschieben einer App auf die SD-Karte nicht

Das war’s schon! Wenn Sie fertig sind, drücken Sie einfach die Zurück-Taste, um zur Anwendungsliste zurückzukehren, oder drücken Sie die Home-Taste, um zum Startbildschirm zu gelangen. Beachten Sie, dass Android das vollständige Verschieben einer App auf die SD-Karte nicht unterstützt, sodass einige Daten der App weiterhin auf dem internen Speicher verbleiben. Wenn Sie die SD-Karte herausnehmen, kann es sein, dass diese Apps nicht mehr funktionieren. Wenn Sie also Ihre microSD-Karte gegen eine neue austauschen, stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie alle Apps zurück in den internen Speicher verschieben, bevor Sie dies tun. Wiederholen Sie dann einfach die oben genannten Schritte, um diese Apps auf Ihre neue SD-Karte zu verschieben.


A taxa de câmbio BTC/USD aproximou-se de US$60.000 em um rally matinal na Ásia, impulsionado por uma enxurrada de fundamentos, desde a decisão do PayPal de adicionar um serviço de caixa criptográfico até a liquidação de transações Visa em USDC de moeda estável. Os comerciantes se aglomeraram na Bitcoin, acreditando que a adoção da moeda criptográfica seria uma adoção robusta e generalizada.

O principal rival do Bitcoin, o Gold, sofreu. A taxa de câmbio à vista XAU/USD caiu abaixo de $1.700 na quarta-feira, reagindo a uma subida intradiária nos rendimentos dos títulos do governo americano na sessão anterior que deixou o dólar americano mais forte. O ouro tende a se mover ao contrário do dólar americano.

A taxa de juros sobre a nota de referência do Tesouro americano de 10 anos subiu para 1,773% – seu nível mais alto desde janeiro de 2020 – antes de recuar para 1,724% no fechamento da terça-feira. Sua alta elevou o apelo do dólar americano nos mercados internacionais, levando o índice do dólar americano a recuperar seu nível mais alto no início de novembro de 2020, em 93,43.


A bitcoin no final de fevereiro reagiu negativamente ao aumento do rendimento dos títulos. No entanto, a moeda criptográfica veio por conta própria em meio a repetidas notícias de sua adoção generalizada, liderada pelo investimento de US$ 1,5 bilhões da Tesla e seguida por sua decisão de vender seus veículos elétricos para a moeda criptográfica. Enquanto isso, a Morgan Stanley também incluiu fundos de três bitcoin em sua carteira de serviços de investimento.

Políticas monetárias frouxas proporcionaram ventos de cauda para o viés de alta da Bitcoin ao longo de 2020. A moeda criptográfica fechou o ano 302 por cento mais alta, pois o Federal Reserve manteve suas taxas de juros próximas a zero e comprou dívidas do governo e títulos hipotecários ao ritmo de US$ 120 bilhões por mês.

O bitcoin também aumentou à medida que o governo dos EUA tomou emprestado mais de US$ 5 trilhões para seus três pacotes de estímulo ao coronavírus, levantando preocupações sobre o potencial de desvalorização monetária e inflação maior do que a esperada.

O sentimento de altivez prevaleceu em 2021, com a adoção institucional assumindo o lugar da frente. O bitcoin aumentou em mais 100 por cento ao atualizar seu recorde acima de 61.000 dólares.


Mais ganhos provavelmente apareceriam esta semana quando o Presidente Joe Biden anunciar um novo plano de gastos do governo na quarta-feira, quase menos de um mês após a aprovação de uma lei de estímulo de US$ 1,9 trilhão. Os comerciantes percebem os pacotes de estímulo como uma alta para o bitcoin enquanto investidores e empresas tentam compensar os temores de inflação aumentando suas propostas de compra de refúgio-seguro.

Larry Milstein, chefe do governo e das agências comerciais da R.W. Pressprich & Co, diz que estímulos adicionais alimentariam a recuperação econômica dos EUA. Por sua vez, o rendimento das notas de 10 anos aumentaria para 2,25% até o final deste ano, o que chamaria a atenção dos funcionários do Fed que se comprometeram a manter sua meta de inflação acima dos 2%.

„Se começarmos a ver um movimento significativo de aumento nas taxas, então poderemos ver uma reação do Fed“, disse ele.

Crypto exchange Kraken wants to double company

Crypto exchange Kraken wants to double company value through financing round

New investment capital from investors like Fidelity could boost the platform’s enterprise valuation to more than $10 billion.

Major American crypto exchange Kraken is apparently in talks regarding a new round of financing that would increase the platform’s enterprise value to US$10 billion.

Bloomberg reports on the corresponding plans with reference to anonymous sources. According to the report, Kraken has already Profit Revolution contacted major investors such as Fidelity, Tribe Capital and General Atlantic.

One of the sources suspects that the company’s value could even rise to 20 billion US dollars as a result of the additional money if demand is unexpectedly high.

In 2019, Kraken had raised US$13.5 million from more than 2,000 investors through investment platform Bnk to the Future, with the company’s valuation at the time standing at US$4 billion.

As a result, the trading platform’s market value

The latest news comes against the backdrop of the leading American crypto exchange Coinbase recently filing for an official initial public offering (IPO). As a result, the trading platform’s market value has recently risen to almost 100 billion US dollars through the private sale of company shares.

According to crypto information portal CoinMarketCap, Kraken has handled a trading volume of just under 2 billion US dollars in the past 24 hours, while Coinbase recorded 3.85 billion US dollars in the same period.

However, the planned funding round is also in light of the flash crash on 22 February, which saw Ether on Kraken slide to just US$700, while the second largest cryptocurrency was trading above US$1,300 on other exchanges.

For many users of the platform, this was accompanied by considerable losses, which is why some of them are now considering a class action lawsuit against Kraken. The crypto exchange has already announced that it will not reverse any trades or pay out any compensation.

On 22 February, Kraken also set a new record high for its daily trading volume, which broke the $4 billion mark for the first time that day.

BloxXwop: Decentral udveksling lige i tide, da Robinhood blokerer brugere

Bitcoin ( BTC ) har allerede lavet nye højder på $ 40.000 i 2021, og Ether ( ETH ) følger efter og bryder sit tidligere rekordhøje niveau på $ 1.470. Cryptocurrency har alle fra stor finansiering til regeringer, der forudsiger prisforudsigelser for Bitcoins pris, der går over $ 300.000, ifølge CitiGroup.

Med det, ville handelsplatforme ønsker at udelukke Main Street fra at deltage?

I dag er der en varm ny børs, der kommer ind på markedet med et lidt andet fokus ved navn BloxXwop (udtales „block-swop“). Dens fokus er på decentralisering, hastighed, sikkerhed og inklusion. BloxXwop sætter en ny bar på, hvad branchen kan være med nye institutionelle aktører, der kommer ind for at udføre folks vilje. Børsen har en hurtig, rød-sort grænseflade og navigerer elegant.

På en decentral udveksling ejer brugerne deres tegnebøger og private nøgler, som lagres uafhængigt af selve udvekslingen. Dette betyder igen, at brugerne virkelig ejer deres tokens og ikke har nogen handelsgrænser, der er pålagt af børsen. Udvekslinger som Binance og Coinbase styrer dine kryptoaktiver, hvilket betyder, at der kan opstå problemer i tilfælde af systembrud. Dette betyder også, at din tegnebog eller konto holdes af en børs, der kan begrænse din adgang. Andre sådanne eksempler inkluderer PayPal, Square eller Apple, som har annonceret deres planer om at indgå krypto. Ejerskabsoplysningerne gemmes af brugerne, hvilket giver total frihed. Timingen er perfekt, fordi Robinhood og Etrade har begrænset handel for individuelle investorer, hvilket giver mere tid til institutionelle spillere.

BloxXwop har introduceret til kryptoindustrien sin nittende blanding af funktionalitet, kundeoplevelse og enkel messaging

I funktionalitet er „DeFi-demokrati“ de ord, der bruges til at beskrive platformens afstemningsmekanisme. Dens oprindelige Bloxx-token gør det muligt for brugere at afgive stemmer for tokens, de gerne vil have tilføjet til børsen, kombineret med en indsatsprotokol på børsen. Dette adskiller sig fra en DEX som Uniswap, som har taget det spirende marked med storm. Uniswap tillader dog kun ERC-tokens, som blokerer lignende Bitcon og andre kæder. BloxXwop giver mulighed for kryds-kæde notering, så folk stadig har adgang til fan favoritter, såsom Bitcoin, Litecoin ( LTC ), XRPosv. Dette kræver yderligere udvikling, hvilket er hvad grundlæggerne af Bloxx Foundation satte som en hjørnesten for at tillade inddragelse af alle kryptoaktiver. Fra et kundeoplevelsessynspunkt bryder BloxXwop formen med strømmen af en børs, der har komforten som en topklasse, central handelsplatform, samtidig med at DEX-protokoller opretholdes. BloxXwop er også stolt over at kunne tilbyde muligheden for at købe aktiver på børsen med kredit- / betalingskort og peer-to-peer, on-chain-overførsler ved hjælp af kun brugernavne. Dette er langt væk fra EtherDelta’s dage.

Bloxx Foundation bedste kvalitet er, at den har hårdkodet i sin DEX 1% af alt overskud for at gå til en velgørende indsats, der betjener fattige og underkapitaliserede regioner i verden. Dillon Omane, præsident for BloxXwop Exchange, har været i rampelyset i det tekniske rum, startende med en sejr ved TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon i 2016. Siden da har han fortsat med at finpudse sine færdigheder og udviklet projekter med store finansielle institutioner, som Bank of America, CitiGroup osv. Omane, en nybegynder i blockchain-branchen, overtager for Antoine Bell, søn af den internationale fodboldsuperstjerne JoJo Bell, der flytter til rådgivningsrådet for at fokusere på fondens marketingindsats .

Fang det oprindelige tilmeldingstilbud for at få gratis airdropped tokens og deltage i vores konkurrencer for at vinde nogle gratis BTC på virksomhedens websted . BloxXwop indleder det nye år med lanceringen af sin BloxXwop Exchange. Bloxx-tokens er nu live på Uniswap. Følg med for at se, hvordan denne nye opstart fokuserede på mangfoldighed og inklusion, når tidevandet drejer sig til fordel for decentraliseret finansiering.

Etéreo, Polkadot, BinanceChain y más

Etéreo, Polkadot, BinanceChain y más – Tendencias de la tecnología de cadenas de bloques para 2021

El año en curso fue bastante favorable para la industria de desarrollo de cadenas de bloques. El resultado del año transcurrido muestra que nunca ha habido un mejor momento para iniciar un proyecto basado en las cadenas de bloques.

Esta revisión presenta un análisis de los eventos más significativos en el Ethereum Code mercado de la criptografía y dice cómo esto afectará a la industria de desarrollo de cadenas de bloques. En este artículo también compartiremos algunas predicciones sobre la tecnología de las cadenas de bloques para 2021.

Próximas plataformas de cadenas de bloques

Una serie de enfoques tecnológicos recientemente implementados y las próximas soluciones de cadenas de bloques ofrecen sugerencias para las tendencias de las cadenas de bloques en 2021

Las preguntas sobre la mejora del etéreo han estado dando vueltas en la mente de las personas criptográficas desde hace varios años. Los comentarios e inconvenientes se centraron principalmente en el tema de la escalabilidad, la lentitud del TPS y la cantidad de transacciones permitidas para un bloque – 12 es tan poco para las cadenas de bloques de hoy en día.

El concepto central de la nueva versión 2.0 de Ethereum se puede encontrar aquí. El enfoque principal de 2020 4Q fue el lanzamiento de la Fase 0. Significa la adopción de la Cadena Faro y la integración del nuevo PoS Ethereum que se lanzó el 1 de diciembre de 2020.

La actualización más grande y largamente esperada para 2021 será la introducción planificada de la Fase 1 y la integración de PdS y cadenas de fragmentos (esperada en el cuarto trimestre de 2021).

El mundo nunca ha visto una transición de un ecosistema tan grande. Por lo tanto, el surgimiento de numerosas dudas e incertidumbres parece bastante razonable. Junto con la futura implementación del sharding, esto mejorará significativamente la velocidad de operación de la red y aumentará el rendimiento de las transacciones. Por eso esta transición del Etéreo se convertirá merecidamente en una de las mayores tendencias de la cadena de bloques en 2021.

Paracaídas Polkadot

„Polkadot es una cadena de bloques deshechos, lo que significa que conecta varias cadenas en una sola red, lo que les permite procesar transacciones en paralelo e intercambiar datos entre cadenas con garantías de seguridad“. – Papel de luz Polkadot

Para conectarse al ecosistema de Polkadot, o construir su propia cadena de bloques dentro de él, un usuario necesita conectarse a la Cadena de Relés que es una cadena de bloques principal para Polkadot. Hasta ahora, cinco de las 100 ranuras de paracaídas han sido conectadas con éxito. Aunque 100 se definió inicialmente como el objetivo principal, hay algunos pensamientos sobre la votación para ampliar el número de ranuras permitidas.

Se espera que el mayor número de ranuras se añada gradualmente en los próximos años. Además, una cantidad significativa de proyectos previamente desplegados en Kusama testnet iniciarán la transición al entorno de Polkadot.

Esta alteración tendrá seguramente un gran impacto en el mercado de los criptógrafos porque la gran mayoría de los proyectos construidos sobre el sustrato (Acala, Moonbeam, Halva, Edgeware, Centrifuge etc.) establecen la unión con Polkadot como uno de los principales objetivos.

BinanceChain break-In

BinanceChain ha iniciado su cadena inteligente en el cuarto trimestre de 2020. El lanzamiento atrajo mucha atención y comentarios positivos entre la comunidad. Por lo tanto, dio lugar a un desarrollo enormemente rápido por parte del entorno comunitario dedicado y el inicio de proyectos muy prometedores como PancakeSwap DEX.

Además, esta cadena cuenta con el apoyo de Trust Wallet, que es un jugador muy fiable en el mercado de la cadena de bloques. Su participación fue justificada por uno de los mayores lanzamientos aéreos para apoyar a Binance y su cadena inteligente hace unas semanas.

El valor total bloqueado en DeFi (TVL) empezó a crecer y a mostrar resultados muy prometedores a finales de diciembre. Además, el ecosistema de cadena cruzada de Polkadot, junto con un renovado y escalable Ethereum 2.0, seguramente hará una verdadera revolución en la industria.

„Bitcoin made me lose my sanity“, says young man who lost R$ 5.8M and now depends on government help to survive

Young man was known as „the Bitcoin guy,“ but he lost everything after making risky choices: „My old coworkers and friends are congratulating me on $40,000. So I pretend it’s okay“.

In 2020 Bitcoin certainly made many investors happy, several people had their investments valued at about 400%. Those who decided to invest in the first years of the digital currency today are with 9,000,000% profit. However, some have not been able to save up to the present day and regret it.

In the first year of Bitcoin the currencies were widely obtained with ease. Mining was simple and on any computer it was possible to perform the process to „earn“ many Bitcoins.

But what would you do if by your hands you had spent millions in Bitcoin and today you depended on donations to survive?

This is exactly the situation a Reddit user who used the social network to tell his story and regret the fact that he wasted the great chance of his life is going through.

The guy from Bitcoin

According to the report, the man met Bitcoin when the currency was traded in the $100 range, he admits he became a true fan of the currency and even became obsessed, saving everything he could to invest in the asset.

Investing in the currency and talking about it all the time he ended up being known by his friends as „the guy from Bitcoin“.

„I’ve known Bitcoin since before cryptomoeda was worth $100. I was obsessed and saved everything I could to put every dollar in the digital currency“.

„Bitcoin became my life and I became known as the ‚Bitcoin guy‘. I’m sure most of you got that nickname too“.

During the years he invested in digital assets he managed to accumulate 30 bitcoins, but in 2018 he decided to bet on an altcoin and ended up losing more than half of the coins.

With the remaining bitcoins he again made a risky bet in the leverage market and, once again, lost.

„I managed to accumulate 30 Bitcoins. If I could go back and donate 29 and stay with only one, I would come back. Around 2018 I invested a little more in an altcoin. It was a mistake, the investment cost me a significant amount of my coins, more than 20“.

„With the 10 left over, I had to migrate to the leveraged trade, 2019 was a difficult year, the spot trading was not very profitable. You know how this story ends“.

„I sold for $ 6 thousand but Bitcoin shot up“

After making dubious choices he had his amount reduced from 30 bitcoins to 2. A desperate scenario, since when he started investing the asset was worth $ 100, and at that moment, more than $ 10,000.

In March 2020 the market for cryptomoins started to fall, in face of this scenario he decided to make an attempt, sell his coins and buy again for a lower price, but things did not go very well as planned.

„My last attempt to get my coins back was to sell my bitcoins, expect a devaluation and buy more. I sold my last 2 currencies in 2020 when they were worth $6,000 and then instead of a fall, the Bitcoin went off and hit the $42,000 and I had no more currency“.

„Congratulations, Bitcoin guy“

Years before he was the „Bitcoin guy“, now, with the digital currency breaking price records day after day, all those friends who mocked him for investing in an internet currency now congratulate him for becoming a supposed millionaire.

However, in reality he didn’t have any Bitcoin anymore and then he got depressed, pretending to be really happy about the rise of the digital coin.

„I started looking for a job, but honestly, I’m deeply depressed, so I seem disinterested and I’m not getting anything. My former co-workers and friends are congratulating me on $40,000. So I pretend that everything is fine“.

If he had kept the 30 bitcoins until today the man would have approximately $ 5.8 million. However, without any other digital currency, he regrets the fact that he was once a millionaire and now depends on government help to survive.

„In 2017, at 27 years of age, I had almost $1,000,000, now I’m sitting here in tears, praying to receive government help before I run out of food.

He regretted that he hadn’t sold a few coins to open a business or diversify his investment, but he also said that at the time he didn’t know how to start a business.

Bitcoin provided the best time of my life

He said he can’t ask for anyone’s help because his friends are jealous that he still supposed to have the bitcoins he had bought in 2013.