„Bitcoin made me lose my sanity“, says young man who lost R$ 5.8M and now depends on government help to survive

Young man was known as „the Bitcoin guy,“ but he lost everything after making risky choices: „My old coworkers and friends are congratulating me on $40,000. So I pretend it’s okay“.

In 2020 Bitcoin certainly made many investors happy, several people had their investments valued at about 400%. Those who decided to invest in the first years of the digital currency today are with 9,000,000% profit. However, some have not been able to save up to the present day and regret it.

In the first year of Bitcoin the currencies were widely obtained with ease. Mining was simple and on any computer it was possible to perform the process to „earn“ many Bitcoins.

But what would you do if by your hands you had spent millions in Bitcoin and today you depended on donations to survive?

This is exactly the situation a Reddit user who used the social network to tell his story and regret the fact that he wasted the great chance of his life is going through.

The guy from Bitcoin

According to the report, the man met Bitcoin when the currency was traded in the $100 range, he admits he became a true fan of the currency and even became obsessed, saving everything he could to invest in the asset.

Investing in the currency and talking about it all the time he ended up being known by his friends as „the guy from Bitcoin“.

„I’ve known Bitcoin since before cryptomoeda was worth $100. I was obsessed and saved everything I could to put every dollar in the digital currency“.

„Bitcoin became my life and I became known as the ‚Bitcoin guy‘. I’m sure most of you got that nickname too“.

During the years he invested in digital assets he managed to accumulate 30 bitcoins, but in 2018 he decided to bet on an altcoin and ended up losing more than half of the coins.

With the remaining bitcoins he again made a risky bet in the leverage market and, once again, lost.

„I managed to accumulate 30 Bitcoins. If I could go back and donate 29 and stay with only one, I would come back. Around 2018 I invested a little more in an altcoin. It was a mistake, the investment cost me a significant amount of my coins, more than 20“.

„With the 10 left over, I had to migrate to the leveraged trade, 2019 was a difficult year, the spot trading was not very profitable. You know how this story ends“.

„I sold for $ 6 thousand but Bitcoin shot up“

After making dubious choices he had his amount reduced from 30 bitcoins to 2. A desperate scenario, since when he started investing the asset was worth $ 100, and at that moment, more than $ 10,000.

In March 2020 the market for cryptomoins started to fall, in face of this scenario he decided to make an attempt, sell his coins and buy again for a lower price, but things did not go very well as planned.

„My last attempt to get my coins back was to sell my bitcoins, expect a devaluation and buy more. I sold my last 2 currencies in 2020 when they were worth $6,000 and then instead of a fall, the Bitcoin went off and hit the $42,000 and I had no more currency“.

„Congratulations, Bitcoin guy“

Years before he was the „Bitcoin guy“, now, with the digital currency breaking price records day after day, all those friends who mocked him for investing in an internet currency now congratulate him for becoming a supposed millionaire.

However, in reality he didn’t have any Bitcoin anymore and then he got depressed, pretending to be really happy about the rise of the digital coin.

„I started looking for a job, but honestly, I’m deeply depressed, so I seem disinterested and I’m not getting anything. My former co-workers and friends are congratulating me on $40,000. So I pretend that everything is fine“.

If he had kept the 30 bitcoins until today the man would have approximately $ 5.8 million. However, without any other digital currency, he regrets the fact that he was once a millionaire and now depends on government help to survive.

„In 2017, at 27 years of age, I had almost $1,000,000, now I’m sitting here in tears, praying to receive government help before I run out of food.

He regretted that he hadn’t sold a few coins to open a business or diversify his investment, but he also said that at the time he didn’t know how to start a business.

Bitcoin provided the best time of my life

He said he can’t ask for anyone’s help because his friends are jealous that he still supposed to have the bitcoins he had bought in 2013.