Blockchain passport could be a reality in Saudi Arabia

After almost a year, humanity continues its fight against one of the worst crises it has faced in more than a century: the Coronavirus. The virus, which originated in the city of Wuhan in China, has caused enormous human and economic damage. So it is no surprise that governments are looking to the chains of blocks for mechanisms to try to revive their economies. This is why the Blockchain passport could be a reality in Saudi Arabia.

Microsoft launches passport against Bitcoin-based Coronavirus

Reopen safely
During the last months, the whole humanity has been fighting against the pandemic generated by the Coronavirus. There is not a single country on the planet that has not been seriously affected by the effects caused by this disease. It has claimed the lives of thousands of people, while generating millions of dollars in economic losses.

Because there is no vaccine to combat the Coronavirus. The only defense we humans have against this disease is social distancing and quarantine. Which, although it prevents the rate of spread of the virus is too great to control it. It has had a significant impact on commercial and industrial activities around the world. By preventing people from being able to move normally to work or consume as they did before the pandemic.

For this reason, one of the priorities of all governments around the world has been to find ways to reopen their economies safely. To this end, all kinds of technological products have been created to reduce the contact between healthy and sick people. And therefore reactivate economic activity without causing a resurgence of disease. Precisely one of the objectives of Saudi Arabia with its possible Blockchain passport.

Experts are working on a Blockchain passport to monitor COVID-19

A Blockchain passport against the virus
The idea of a Blockchain passport to combat Coronavirus is not new. Well, for months companies like Microsoft have been studying the possibility of creating a product like this. With the aim of allowing people to verify their health status without having to expose their personal data to governments and companies.

However, in the case of Saudi Arabia, the Bitcoin Evolution passport would work differently. Well, it is intended as a mechanism that can serve both during and after the pandemic. For, the passport would be designed specifically for the international business community.

Thus, the Blockchain passport proposed by Saudi Arabia would allow companies around the world to easily verify that they are following the regulatory guidelines set by governments. This would facilitate the identification of commercial agents and trust between companies around the world. It would make trade easier during the Coronavirus pandemic, and be useful in generating relationships of mutual trust once it passes.

In this way, and although this Blockchain passport is only a proposal at the moment It is a clear example of how blockchains can be used by companies and governments, not only to improve the situation of the economy during the pandemic. But even after the pandemic is over.