Has Profit Builder appeared on television?

We have found articles online that suggest that Profit Builder is affiliated with celebrities and TV shows, which is a marketing tactic used by some trading sites. Let’s see if this is true.

Profit Builder and the media

First, we investigated the claims of TV show support for Profit Builder.

Dragon’s Den
Profit Builder Opinion: is it reliable? We did read on the Internet that Profit Builder is involved in the TV show Dragon’s Den.

After careful analysis, we have found that this is a false rumour. Moreover, it has not yet been confirmed by the presenters of this show that there is an association between Dragon’s Den and Profit Builder.

Shark Tank
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? There is another report that the TV show Shark Tank has been affiliated with Profit Builder. But this has not been confirmed by the show’s production team.

This Morning
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? The name Profit Builder has, according to false rumours, appeared on the famous British TV show This Morning. But the stars of this TV show do not admit to being associated with such a project.

Profit Builder and celebrities

Here are the results of our investigation into the link between Profit Builder and celebrities.

Bill Gates
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? Bill Gates‘ talk of a cryptocurrency boom has been misrepresented by scammers who say he endorsed the automated trading bot as Profit Builder.

There is no evidence that Bill Gates and Profit Builder are associated, and that goes for all trading software for that matter.

Sir Richard Branson
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? It seems that Sir Richard Branson’s image has been endorsed to Profit Builder. There are even false rumours that he was „impressed“ by the investment opportunities of Bitcoin.

Once again, we have found that the association between Richard Branson and Profit Builder is simply a rumour without foundation. He is not even remotely a partner in this software.

Chamath Palihapitiya
Profit Builder Review: is it reliable? This man is certainly a well-known and respected trader in the crypto market with Bitcoin holdings, but he has never endorsed Profit Builder as an automated trading robot as some rumors may have suggested. Chamath Palihapitiya and Profit Builder did not create a legitimate partnership.

Profit Builder: the verdict!

Since the opening of the cryptocurrency market, many people are looking for ways to make money. Profit Builder was designed to capitalize on this demand. One thing that stands out is that the trading software is appreciated by a large number of investors.

In fact, the crypto asset trading platform is functional and works with regulated brokers. The crypto software offers interesting features to all its users. This is why we recommend Profit Builder.

However, we suggest that you invest at your own risk with this system. Invest the minimum amount of €250 to protect your capital.