Unlock New Insights Into The Crypto Space With Alphie Bot

Ojamu Announces “Alphie” Launch

• Ojamu, an AI & Blockchain-powered intelligence platform, announced the launch of its ChatGPT integrated bot “Alphie”.
• Alphie is a specialized AI-driven Alpha Finder providing insights and in-depth analysis on the most cutting-edge areas of the cryptocurrency industry, such as ZK & Optimistic Rollup sectors.
• Alphie offers various benefits to traders, investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts.

What is Ojamu?

Ojamu is an AI and blockchain powered intelligence platform that provides valuable insights into the blockchain and Web3 economy. It recently launched its ChatGPT integrated bot „Alphie“ which specializes in the hot ZK & Optimistic Rollup sectors.

What Does Alphie Do?

Alphie is an advanced AI driven alpha finder that provides in depth analysis on the cutting edge areas of the cryptocurrency industry. It simplifies complex concepts by breaking down whitepapers into more digestible information to help users make better informed decisions about projects they are interested in investing in. Additionally it helps traders gain insights on project fundamentals, technology and team credentials to make informed trading decisions while helping investors make better investment choices based on solid evaluation of projects‘ long term potential by analyzing tokenomics, use cases and market trends. Developers can also assess complex emerging technologies like ZK/Optimistic Rollup scaling solutions to decide which is best suited for their projects.

Who Can Benefit from Alphie?

Traders, investors, developers and crypto enthusiasts can all benefit from using Alphie’s services. Traders gain insights on project fundamentals to make informed decisions while investors look at tokenomics and market trends when making long term investments. Developers can assess complex emerging technologies like ZK/Optimistic Rollup scaling solutions while crypto enthusiasts have access to simplified whitepapers for easier understanding of projects they may be interested in investing in or trading with.


Ojamu’s latest product launch with ChatGPT integrated bot „Alphie“ offers various benefits to those involved within the cryptocurrency industry including traders, investors, developers and crypto enthusiasts alike as it provides them with valuable insights into complex technologies as well as simplifying difficult concepts through breaking down whitepapers into more digestible information so that better informed decisions can be made when investing or trading with digital assets.