Win Up to $25,000: Join BinaryX’s Online Hackathon and Shape the Future of GameFi!

• BinaryX announces their first-ever hackathon event to encourage creativity and collaboration among GameFi developers.
• The hackathon offers a prize pool of over $25,000 in cash, plus additional rewards including potential funding and expert guidance.
• Winners have the chance to secure visibility on BinaryX’s influential social media channels, as well as mentorship from industry veterans.

BinaryX Announces Online Hackathon 2023

BinaryX, a leading GameFi and IGO platform, has announced their first-ever hackathon event: BinaryX Online Hackathon 2023. This event is designed to foster innovation and collaboration within the GameFi community with the aim of discovering new solutions that can reshape the blockchain gaming sector.

Rewards & Prizes

The Hackathon features an attractive prize pool exceeding $25,000 in cash for recognizing exceptional talent in the blockchain gaming realm. Furthermore, participants have the unique opportunity to be mentored by industry experts and benefit from BinaryX’s wealth of experience. Outstanding projects also stand a chance to receive up to $500,000 in funding and exposure on BinaryX’s influential social media channels. Lastly, winners will join BinaryX’s IGO Developer Program for discounts on tools and services.

Objectives of the Event

The main objectives of this event are as follows:
• Innovation: Exploring innovative gaming concepts that have potential to reshape the blockchain gaming sector
• Talent Recognition: Recognizing talents of developers within the blockchain gaming community
• Community Interaction: Creating an environment for networking, collaboration, and shared learning among participants within the BinaryX community
• Promotion of IGO Ecosystem: Highlighting various opportunities within BinaryX’s IGO platform

Who Can Participate?

The competition is open both emerging and established developers who wish to showcase their projects or contribute towards growth and evolution of GameFi ecosystem.

How To Participate?

Participants can register for free at https://binaryxhackathon2023/. Once registered they can submit their project details before August 31st 2023 deadline. All submissions will be reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges who will select winning projects based on criteria such as innovation, impact potential etc